Gold Rush – Times Publications, March 2011

The sweltering summer sun loomed high above the desert floor as Jacob Snively and his fellow prospectors trekked across the Gila Valley, about 20 miles east of Yuma. The rocky terrain was bordered by an ominous mountain range, dotted with jagged boulders and thick brush. Cutting through the Valley coursed the westward bend of the […]

World Affairs – Times Publications, February 2011

Exotic gardens and tropical palm trees punctuate the landscape of the South American seaport of Cartagena, Colombia, a popular tourist destination off the Caribbean coast. Within the city walls crumbling Spanish arches loom in the Old-World-style plazas above the restored colonial mansions. On the outskirts of the city, guitar players and street vendors stroll through […]

Back From Reality – Times Publications, January 2011

Wearing a flowing, strapless blue dress and stiletto heels, 27-year-old Scottsdale resident Jenni Croft steps out of a stretch limousine and struts toward a posh Malibu mansion. As she approaches the estate’s lush backyard garden, the beautiful brunette turns her glance to her boyfriend of six weeks and smiles. Brad Womack, a successful 34-year-old Texas […]

Dead on the Water – Times Publications, December 2010

It was August 27, 2004 when 40-year-old Merrian Carver stepped aboard the Celebrity Cruises’ Mercury for what was to be a seven-day Alaskan adventure. It should have been a dream vacation—sailing through Alaska’s white-capped mountains and massive glacial fields. Instead, it would be the last trip of Merrian’s life. On the first night of the […]

Accused Baseline Killer Mark Goudeau: The Exclusive Jailhouse Interview – Times Publications, October 2010

The heavy steel door of a secured cell inside Phoenix’s Fourth Avenue Jail slowly creaks open, and I get my first glimpse of inmate #P209966, Mark Goudeau. The accused Baseline serial killer is flanked by imposing armed guards in matching beige corrections officer uniforms. Each guard grasps Goudeau by the back of the arm, guiding […]

Fatal Exposure – Times Publications, August 2010

By Shanna Hogan The story of the murder of motivational speaker Travis Alexander, and the beautiful, young suspect who will stand trial for the crime.   As 20-year-old Dallin Forrest climbed the stairs of Travis Alexander’s five-bedroom Mesa home, he was filled with a sinking sense of dread. It had been days since anyone had […]

No Man Left Behind – Times Publications, July 2010

Five decades after Lt. William Weber went missing in action during WWII, Ken Moore uncovered his uncle’s true fate. Now he’s on a mission to bring each and every fallen American solider home.   By Shanna Hogan It was November, 20, 1943, two years into WWII, and the U.S. had just begun its campaign across […]

Drive-Thru Guru – Times Publications, June 2010

Thick incense smoke clouds the grimy television-repair shop, the last storefront still open on this rundown neighborhood block. Junked televisions and broken VHS players sit stacked on shelves, blanketed in a heavy layer of dust. A dingy section of artificial grass serving as a rug covers the cracks in the cement floor. Inside the crowded […]

Brace for Impact – Times Publications, May 2010

The sky grew dark as pilot Jim Hawley navigated the small propeller plane through the murky clouds about fifty miles off the coast of Baja, Mexico. As the plane flew deeper into the graying sky, it began to shudder violently. Extreme turbulence jolted the aircraft, tossing the passengers around inside the cramped cabin. It was […]

Still Standing – Times Publications, January 2010

State Treasurer Dean Martin suffered an unthinkable tragedy last May when his wife lost her life while giving birth to their only son, who also later died. He recently sat down with The Times to discuss the tragedy, and gathering the strength to carry on.   As Dean and Kerry Martin arrived at Scottsdale Healthcare […]