Brace for Impact – Times Publications, May 2010

The sky grew dark as pilot Jim Hawley navigated the small propeller plane through the murky clouds about fifty miles off the coast of Baja, Mexico. As the plane flew deeper into the graying sky, it began to shudder violently. Extreme turbulence jolted the aircraft, tossing the passengers around inside the cramped cabin. It was […]

Still Standing – Times Publications, January 2010

State Treasurer Dean Martin suffered an unthinkable tragedy last May when his wife lost her life while giving birth to their only son, who also later died. He recently sat down with The Times to discuss the tragedy, and gathering the strength to carry on.   As Dean and Kerry Martin arrived at Scottsdale Healthcare […]

Jailed Love – Times Publications, April 2010

For many women, having a lover locked safely behind bars is the perfect relationship therapy.   In the two years Amanda Ceja and Ralph Peratti have been engaged, they have never shared a private intimate moment. Never once have they been on a date. Any kisses have been chaperoned, their phone conversations recorded and monitored. […]

Frostbitten – Times Publications, December 2009

After gaining access to Alcor’s inner circle, Larry Johnson has now gone public with several shocking allegations in his book, “Frozen: My Journey into the World of Cryonics, Deception and Death.”   For eight months in 2003, Larry Johnson worked as a paramedic for the recently de-animated. As the clinical director for the Alcor Life […]

Big City Shakedown – Times Publications, November 2009

Legal experts say the ever-expanding photo-radar enforcement program often violates citizens’ rights. Looks like they’re right. Just ask somebody who’s been hauled in for unknowingly driving on a suspended license.   For 53 years, Scottsdale grandmother Eleanor Johnson had a spotless driving record. She was never once involved in a car accident and never received […]

Bizarre Bounty – Times Publications, October 2009

Howling winds tore through the Juniper trees of northern Arizona’s high desert, about 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon. As thunder rumbled from the storm-blackened skies, Larry Jenkins heard heavy raindrops spattering against the aluminum siding of his narrow 8- by 20-foot cabin. Secluded on 40 acres of rocky desert at the edge of […]

Fleeced – Times Publications, September 2009

As he glanced out his car window, Robert Huillier was abruptly confronted by two men leveling automatic weapons at him. In an instant the color had drained from his face; Huillier’s slick bravado and ordinarily confident smile had vanished. The shocking sight was hardly what Huillier expected when he pulled his car into the apartment […]

Moving Mountains – Times Publications, August 2009

Crammed into a tent, just 1,500 feet from the summit of the world’s highest peak, Tom Whittaker and his climbing team wait for the skies to clear to complete their arduous expedition to the top of the world. By now, the three mountaineers and two Sherpa climbers have already spent more than a month at […]

Case Files – Times Publications, July 2009

More than four years after the headless, limbless torso of Jay Orbin was discovered in the desert outside of Phoenix, his ex-wife Marjorie Orbin stands trial for his murder. But in a bizarre twist, Marjorie’s defense is accusing her ex-lover of the crime.   A bizarre twist took place in the final phase of the […]

Unreasonable Doubt? – Times Publications, June 2009

Three years after Mark Goudeau was arrested and charged as the sole suspect in the Baseline Killer murders, an alarming report has surfaced that reveals another possible suspect in the crimes. As Goudeau prepares to stand trial for his life, his defenders say the details contained in this report could raise reasonable doubt in his […]