A Tangled Web – Times Publications, December 2012

By Shanna Hogan Viktoriya Anthony strutted into the reporter’s office cradling a stack of police reports she had just received from her attorney. Her deep-set green eyes darted around the room as she sank into the chair at the edge of the desk. The 37-year-old Ukrainian beauty gently placed her handbag on the carpet and […]

Satan Slayers – Times Publications, October 2012

The elderly white-haired woman writhes in a chair, growling and grunting at the two men restraining her by her arms. Looming over her, three teenage girls clutch ornate silver crosses in their outstretched fists. Eighteen-year-old Brynne Larson steps close to the afflicted figure and presses a Bible against her forehead. “Who told you to come […]

To Catch a Cheat – Times Publications, September 2012

Beth Wilson had a bad feeling about her boyfriend. Call it a hunch or maybe a woman’s intuition. Or perhaps her lying, cheating dirt bag of a boyfriend just wasn’t particularly adept at lying or cheating. Had he been a bit more skilled at two-timing, Beth might not have caught him a few months back […]

In the Gangster’s Shadow – Times Publications, February 2012

Jimmy Moran’s brash swagger and thick Brooklyn accent eclipsed his diminutive stature. In his mid 50s with a wooly tuft of graying hair, Moran lived alone in a one-bedroom cinderblock apartment in Tempe with his miniature Doberman pinscher and a revolver he kept under his bed. He was a successful businessman whose company built swimming […]

Out of this World – Times Publications, March 2012

One day Jeff Willes hopes to be abducted by aliens. Who knows? He may have already been aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft and just doesn’t remember the encounter. “What I know about UFO abduction phenomenon is they erase your memory of the abduction and you’re left waking up in the morning knowing something happened the night […]

Diagnosis, Unknown – Times Publications, January 2012

The pain was so severe Ginger Harvey wanted to die. Hundreds of fatty tumors — known as lipomas — riddled her entire body, pressing on her nerves, causing searing, excruciating pain. Harvey’s doctors were baffled — the cause of the painful growths was a mystery. The only prescribed treatment was twice-monthly surgeries to remove the […]

Psychic Sleuths – Times Publications, August 2011

The missing woman came to Sunny Dawn Johnston in a dream. Her name was Loretta, a 69-year-old Phoenix business owner who mysteriously vanished just days before Christmas. Johnston had never met the woman but somehow knew her tragic fate. Loretta had been murdered, and soon her killer would be dead too. “For two weeks every […]

Elephants in the Living Room – Times Publications, July 2011

By Shanna Hogan A white picket fence hedges the front yard of a quaint, pale-yellow house on El Dorado Road in Mesa. On the front lawn, a rusty swing set gives the house an unassuming look, but as passersby quickly learn, there’s more than just lawn ornaments in this yard. On this warm summer morning […]

Cold Case Files – Times Publications, June 2011

By Shanna Hogan Dusty evidence boxes filled with old reports and faded photos clutter the storage shelves inside evidence lockers at just about every police agency across Arizona. They are the cold case files—confounding crimes and complex murder mysteries that have gone unsolved for years, and in many cases, for decades. Each file tells the […]

Mothers of Invention – Times Publications, May 2011

It all started with a messy toddler’s bathtub. Ahwatukee mom Rebecca Finell, a mother of three and, at the time, a 29-year-old Arizona State University industrial design student, was working on a school project when she had an idea that would one day land her at the helm of an international company. Inspired after tiring […]